A c u i t y – F i e l d w o r k   I n  a  n u t s h e l l

Acuity-Fieldwork is an independent specialist fieldwork agency that is based in Singapore. Established in 2009 by Amylia Tan (read more about her below), the company has since conducted fieldwork both locally and regionally in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam for international clients.
Acuity-Fieldwork provides a wide range of data collection strategies and services such as street/telephone/home interviews, product placement, accompanied shopping, mystery shopping, taste tests and many more.
Through the years, our company has helped clients acquire the accurate and honest data that they need from consumers- a vital piece of the puzzle in their goals to improve products, develop marketing systems and more.

O u r  B e l i e f

Here at Acuity-Fieldwork, we work using our four fundamental principles as guidelines to provide excellent service so that you will never have to worry:

  • Quality
    It is not only about how we package the information for you. To us, the real importance lies in the content. We only welcome genuine information that is obtained virtuously. With our regular checks, the quality of data is preserved. That’s our promise.   

  • Ideas
    Although there is the set of data collection methods that we normally use, we are still open to new ideas and suggestions. We will always be open to fresh concepts and your thoughts, even if they seem unconventional.
  • Competitive Prices
    We believe that quality fieldwork information does not need to come with a hefty price tag. We do our best to accommodate our clients and their budgets by coming up with ideas that stretches the dollar.
  • Smile
    Only by making the consumers feel comfortable that they are willing to share even more. By bringing out the best attitude during our fieldwork, respondents are more at ease and less guarded with their emotions and real opinions.

M a n a g i n g  D i r e c t o r

Amylia Tan
Acuity-Fieldwork is headed and managed by Amylia Tan who brings along her 20 years of experience in Market Research. She previously worked with international research companies such as Research International and Asia Insight.
With her many years of expertise and a dedicated team, clients can be assured of Acuity-Fieldwork’s quality. Amylia strives to make Acuity-Fieldwork a preferred fieldwork partner in Asia.
Contact Amylia Tan at amyliatan@acuity-fieldwork.com email or at (+65)9644-1964.